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Over View and Some Useful Tools to Use On the Map
  • Game had a stelth launch on February 4th 2019 with surprising revenue and popularity to dvelopers
  • Since release Apex has been a strong going game with 10 million players in less than a week after initial release
  • Respawn developer reveals that Apex has 70 million players in Octouber 19th 2019


Using a Zip Line is a fairly safe way to travel great distances on all three maps, jumping and reattaching is a way to avoid being shot while moving in the straight line.


Using a Charge Tower allows all who stand on it to acess the power of their ultimate ability instantly, giving your team an overwhelming advantage against other squads

  • Its a unique battle royale with a sophisticated ping system and astonishing character devlopment
  • Unique detailed maps were in the game since the beginning along with unique ways to travel, fight, loot, and heal
  • Featuring the most diverse categories of attachments, hop-ups and ammunition types, apex's guns are all styled to suit any playstyle
  • Although EA partnered with Respawn, the whole game is free to play friendly, requiring no microtransactions at all


Using a Jump Tower is the fastest and safest way to travel massive portions of the map, being nearly impossable to hit is great, however it takes a while to reach the skies on this vertical zipline.


The Mobile Respawn Beacon is a great way to bring your teammates back quickly, as you can use this item on the fly, youd better hope you have the time and the item or else your friends wont be brought back.

  • Every legend requires commitment to unlock, but you arent let down when you unlock one of the games playable characters
  • The game is now in its 7th season and features 15 characters, 3 maps, a respawning system, and more!
  • Numerous different characters each with a totally unique set of abilities and playstyles, left up to the player to figure out!
  • Interesting limited time game modes are frequently added, furthering lore and character development, along side bug fixes and balance patches


Using a Respawn Beacon brings fallen teammates back from the dead, but be careful, theyre only found in certain places and take time to use.

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