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About This Site

  • This is a site providing information about a popular anime called "Attack on Titan". The plot and characters of the story will be explained along with a few other things
  • This site has quite a bit of spoilers which is implied considering this is an imformational webstite
  • The anime is about hSumanity pushed to extinction and forced inside walls to protect themselves from titans, which are supersized humans with no intelligence, just an instinct to attempt to eat any human they spot.

Brief Story

  • There are some select few who use specialized weapons to kill theses titans, since they cant be killed like an ordinary humans
  • These people (after training and passing an exam) are put into squads and regimentss to fend for the city
  • There is also a small group of people who have powers of a Titan but still retain the intelect of a human, which can be Elaborated on the Titans and Shifters page.

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