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This website is going to give general knowledge about certain aspects of the game Ark Survival Evolved. Those aspects being info about some of the creatures and the terrain they live on,breeding/mutations and bosses (only the ones on the map The Island). I am going to give info on how good a creature is based on stats mobility and things like that I will also say if I reccomend you tame them or not. I will also be explaining how to do breeding and mutations properly so you can get the best stats out of the offspring. Then finally i will give tips on how to defeat the bosses of The Island.
This is the Broodmother the first and easiest boss of the Island I will be explaining the strategy on how to defeat her and the other 3 bosses
  This website can be used as a guide for new players to see my opinion on what to tame and what strategies work. You can also use it as a way to figure out how to defeat the boss maybe you rushed in last time and died or you are just being cautious to avoid the thing I just said.
This is the Wyvern one of the best flyers in the game and i will be explaining why in the sky creatures tab