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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a game where CTU's (Counter Terrorist Units) are in 5 vs 5 situations where you either have to, secure an area, extract a hostage, or defuse a bomb. Some common terms consist of, Barracade, Reinforcement, Hatch, Roamer, Anchor, Hard Wall, Soft Wall, Hard Breacher, Peek.
As of now the game is devised of 19 different maps with special environments from close to long ranged gunfights to tactical stealth, and 44 operators with unique abilities that differ them from one another.

Barricade - Wooden pannels used to cover doors or windows on defending side

Reinforcement - A metal wall peice that can be deployed by defenders on a wooden wall or hatch you only get 2

Hatch - A floor piece that can be breached and you can go through it

Roamer - A roamer is someone who is a defender that plays outside the objective.

Anchor - a defender who plays inside the objective

Hard Wall - a reinforced wall

Soft Wall - a unreinforced wall

Hard Breacher - someone that can break Hard walls

Peek - a peek is like holding an angle for a pretty long time, very big gimmick.

The teams are split up into attackers and defenders where the attackers try to secure an area, extract a hostage, or defuse a bomb. Where the Defenders try to stop them from doing that.


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