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Welcome New Trainer
  • On this site I'll talk about things that are important to the world of Pokemon.
  • In the Pokemon world there's a professor in every region you go to.
  • For example, the first region you visit is called the Kanto region and the professor there is called Professor Oak.
  • Also, in every region the Pokemon professor is always named after a tree or a plant of some sorts.
Professor Oak
Professor Burnet
Professor Kukui
  1. On the other places on this site I'll talk about certain places and/or things about Pokemon.
  2. In the tab "Some Starters" I'll talk about some of the starter Pokemon you can get from certain regions.
  3. In the tab "Some Legends" I'll talk about some of the legendary Pokemon you can get in certain regions.
  4. In the tab "Some Tech And Main Character" I'll talk about some technology in Pokemon and the main character of the Pokemon series.
  5. In the tab "Eevee And It's Eeveelutions" I'll talk about a Pokemon called Eevee and all of it's evolutions that it has.
Professor Sycamore
Professor Juniper
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