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Welcome to all things mean girls- A website that will take us back to arguably one of the most iconic movies of the century 2004's Mean Girls. For those of you you that might not know of the movie let me tell you a little about it. This movie is about a girl named cady that just moved from Africa to America and has been home school for all of her life. But now that she lives in America she is going to a public high school, which is nothing like she imagined it . It doesn't take long for her to makes friends and kind of falls into the wrong crowd not anything illegal but she does become a plastic which is what the people call the meanest, most self centered girls in the school.

The characters are super funny and they touch on subjects that are relatable. The quotes are memorable and catchy. The main idea is interesting and original. And lastly the fan favorites are a little like memorable quotes they are the ones that stick with you and the reason we love the movie so much.

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