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Welcome, this website is all about...

  • Different types of art
  • Art supplies
  • Paintings
  • Fanart
  • How too's

  • We talk about these subjects and compare some.
  • encourage young and all artist
  • talk about how some art is compared to others
  • opinions

The pro's of learning how to be an artist:

  • Your hand will be more steady as you learn, you might become one of the best at putting on eye liner in your class
  • You'll be able to tell the difference between colors better, so if your friends are having an argument over which shade of paint is what, you'll be the one they go to
  • You'll probubly become the "artist" in a group project, who always does the art on posters, which leave's the work to fall on the other members in the group
  • We talk about whats good to use.
  • What to maybe experiment with as a beginner.
  • What not to do as a beginner.
  • We show some art tools that you can use.
  • We show paints, acrillac, oil and water color.
  • We show some digital art tablets but we dont delve into them.
  • We also show a couple of famous artist's
  • You can buy most (not all) of the art tools and equipment at your local art stores and even wallmart.
  • We show and explain whats what, if your not an artist and are just curious.
  • Mainly we just talk about art.
  • There is a little 3D art, such as the spinning apple, which i've created.
  • We talk a little about digital art.

One of the paintings we talk about ------>

You can visit monty tech's website if you'd like




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