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The Rules of Baseball-

  • The rules of baseball are simple
  • Baseball requires two teams of 9 or more.
  • Each team switches between offense and defense.
  • Each team must have a batting order.
  • Each possition on the field must be filled.
  • Each batter gets three strikes at the plate.
  • If they do not get a hit with these three strikes they are considered out.

Top Ten Players Currently-

  • In modern day baseball there are many great players.
  • These players take the game to another level with their high performance.
  • Today's top players usually take their team to the playoffs like Mookie Betts and Gerrit Cole.
  • But some do not like Mike Trout and Anthony Rendon.

Top Ten Players of All Time-

  • Players of the past were no nearly as skilled as today's players.
  • But we cannot compare players from nearly 100 years ago to players today.
  • These are the players that set the most famous records and made baseball what it is today.
  • These players were legends of their time and will go down in baseball history.


  • There are currently 30 teams in the MLB, not all existed at one point and some have disappeared.
  • There are two leagues, the American League and the National League.
  • Both leagues have slightly different rules and do not play each other.
  • The Teams span across the country, but not every state has a team.

Biggest Rivalries-

  • The world of baseball has its many rivalries.
  • They usually start off because of a infamous trade or intense fans.
  • The MLB was founded in 1869 which means some of these teams have been beating on each other for more than 100 years!

Running to First

Mookie Betts

Babe Ruth

Houston Astros

Red Sox v. Yankees

Three Strikes = Out

Mike Trout

Willie Mays

New York Mets

Dodgers v. Giants

Fielding Positions

Jacob deGrom

Ted Williams

New York Yankees

Red Sox v. Yankees

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