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Alternative Facts

  • Type of music genre
  • Can be sung by both genders
  • Can be sung by a solo artist or a band
Some Artists
Songs By The artists
Date band was created
Panic! At The Disco HIgh Hopes, Say Amen, Girls/GIrls/Boys, Hallelujah, Golden Days, Ready To Go. 2004
My Chemical Romance Helana, Sing, Teenagers, Famous Last Words, Cancer, Blood 2001-2013
Fall Out Boy Immortals, Champion, Wilson, Uma Thurman, Beat it, Dance Dance 2001
All Time Low KIds in the dark, Lost in Stereo, I feel like Dancin, Drugs and Candy 2003
The All-American rejects Gives you hell, Move along, Dance inside, The last song, Somedays gone 1999
Paramore Misery Buisness, Told you So, Playing God, Aint It Fun, Careful 2004
Weezer Say it aint so, Buddy holly, Keep fishen, Troubke maker, beverly hills 1992
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