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United Nations Space Command Weapons
Covenant Weapons

Magnum - Semi auto pistol with a kick, it is recoil operated and can most definetly pack a punch against the enemy.



Storm Rifle - The storm rifle is a automatic plasma rifle. it is very affective at close range and medium range but cannot hit anything at a far range.



Assault Rifle - Automatic machine gun that is magazine fed, good at close quarters but bullets will most likely miss if shooting from far distances.



Fuel Rod Cannon - The Fuel Rod Cannon is a plasma rocket launcher, it shoots 7 green plasma beams out and they explode when it hits something, but it is sometimes prone to bounce of a wall or two.


Battle Rifle - The Battle Rifle is a three round burst rifle, that is capable of picking off enemys at medium ranges, getting close will not be a problem at all but being too far could be problem.



Beam Rifle - The beam rifle is like a sniper rifle, but it uses plasma instead, very effective at long range, if shooting the sniper to fast it can burn the hand of the human or alien using it.




SMG - The SMG is ment for close quarters and it is fully automatic, it is a small handheld weapon with a lot of recoil.



Needler - The needler is a fully automatic smg. it shoots out tiny pink needles that can go through the skin, if you are shot by to many needles in the same area they will explode, causing shards to go all through the opposing enemys body.


DMR - Semi Auto, used for medium to long ranges, at short ranges it could get a little dull, depending on what you are going up against.



Plasma Pistol - Small pistol that is semi auto, shoots green plasma beams that can take down armor fast, if you charge up the shot it can take all of the spartans armor away in one hit.

plasma pistol

SAW - Squad Automatic weapon, a medium sized machine gun that is hand held, has a round magazine that emptys very fast, recoil might be a bit so it is better for close range.



Carbine - Rifle that shoots out plasma beams, semi automatic and deadly at medium to long ranges, a few shots from this and it will kill you easily.


Shotgun - The Shotgun is used for close quarters only, capable of either taking down the opponent shield which would require another shot, or it may do all the work right away, depends where the spread hits them.



Energy Sword - Used a close quarters, a long beam of enery that has a grip on the end, can be ignited by pressing a button on the sword.


energy sword

Hydra - Rocket launcher that is a bit better than the other, it shoots out at a much faster speed and you can load more rockets into it much faster.



Plasma Grenade Launcher - Shoots out multiple plasma grenades causing multiple explosions, really good aginst vehicles and big groups of enemys.




Railgun - The Railgun shoots out a a fast bolt of energy that explodes on impact, it is much faster than the rocket launcher and is most likely capable to do a lot more damage quick.




Plasma Cannon - Fully auto plasma cannon that shoots out blue plasma beams, it is mounted on an energy mount but it also can be demounted and used on foot.


Sniper Rifle - Semi-Auto sniper rifle, capable of killing an enemy with one shot if used correctly. comes with a stand to put down on rails or the ground, using the stand can improve your aim.



Plasma Grenade - Sticky grenade of plasma, explodes after a few seconds.




Rocket Launcher - Twin tubed rocket launcher, fires two deadly rockets that can kill in the matter of seconds.





Forerunner Weapons

Boltshot - Energy pistol, used at close quarters, shoots out orange energy beams.


Incineration Cannon - Shoots out 7 streams of explosives that can incinerate anything in its path. Anything around it when on impact will be incinerated also.



Scattershot - Shotgun that shoots out ricocheting energy bullets, it is more than deadly at close quarters.



Lightrifle - Comparable to the DMR and BR, allowing burst fire at the hip and also allowing you to do some semi auto shots from the scope.



Binary Rifle - Able to bring down distant foes with one shot because of the variable zoom on the scope.

Binary rifle


Suppressor - Like the SMG, good at close quarters with a lot of recoil.




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