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*Credit goes to 343 Industries, And Microsoft for creating and owning Halo 5: Guardians*

Welcome to my Halo 5: Guardians website, here you will be able to find out about some of the lore of Halo 5 and have a better understanding of the game, if you look on the top of the screen you will be able to see our directory which will bring you to the things that you want to know more about or things that you want to find out. We range anywhere from Characters, Factions, Weapons, and you will also be able to check out my lightwave aswell.
Halo 5: Guardians is a game created by 343 Industries, and Microsoft. They are both the current creators and owners of the game, The basic overview of the game is that there are two teams. Which is the Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris, those are the two main teams which contain the 8 most important characters in the game. The Blue team at the start of the game are sent a bit off track by their leader, John 117. John 117 wanted to find his Artificial Intelligence chip which is known as Cortana, the UNSC did not see kindly to this mostly because his A.I. went rogue before and thats what led him to lose her. But he did not seem to care which made him push further and further putting his fireteam in danger, the UNSC sent another fireteam to go retrieve blue team and bring them back to base, These people were known as Fireteam Osiris. Fireteam Osiris followed the footsteps of Blue Team for a while until they actually found them, but instead of trying to take blue team by force, Jameson Locke leader of fireteam Osiris, Decided to actually help out Blue Tean in finding the A.I.

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