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Swords of Sanghelios
United Nation Space Command
The Covenant
sos unsc Covenant

The Swords of Sanghelios were a branch off of the well known Covenant, the leader of the SoS named the "Arbiter Thel' Vadam" did not believe in what the Covenant were doing. You can tell that they were SoS by what type of armor they were wearing and what types of vehicles they used, they were all colored red because that was the color that they adapted to.

The main reason why the SoS were formed is because they did not believe in what the Prophet Of Truth said, he talked about a Great Journey but the Sangheili thought it was baloney but they still followed. It was unti after the Prophet of Regret died that the sangheili would be replaced by the Jiralhanae which caused wars. The SoS would end up making peace with the Human Race and they would both end up fighting each other in a long lasted war.

They also took place in Halo 5, helping out the UNSC to beat the Covenant.




The United Nations Space Command were the Military force for Planet Earth and the Unified Earth Government. They usually would fight off Communist and Fascist forces on planet earth and on other planets, that was until they had new enemies on their hands known as the Covenant. But even before that they fought against Insurrectionist in a lot of battles, this was know as the Insurrection. The UNSC were strong and ended up killing most of them, later on they started to build up super soldiers and they were known as spartans (Spartan II Program) and this was around the time the Human Covenant war started, which was Humans fighting against the oppososing alien force known as the Covenant.

The Alien invaders started destroying a lot of the UNSC's outer colonies which really put a damper on the UNSC, but the spartans that were created were the best hope of stopping the opposing force and putting and end to this war. Later on at around the year 2552 earth was the last remaining major human world that was still alive, it survived the Fall of Reach and the UNSC ended up beating the Covenant and the flood threat.

They also take place in halo 5, being allied with the SoS and fighting againat the Covenant forces.

The Covenant were an Alien species that were led by their Prophets around the beginning when they were formed, but the prophets ended up dying and they continued on being led by Shipmaster and the supreme commander, keep in mind this is them around the time that Halo 5 took place. The Covenant had a lot of species on there side that worked for them, here are the names of all the species that worked with them. Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-Yar, Lekgolo, Yanme'e, And the Jiralhanae.

After the covenant lost the Human-Covenant war, the species that were apart of the covenant returned to their own homeworlds, but some stayed and still decided to fight each other which really did nothing but waste resources, A while after Jul 'Mdama formed his own covenant that still decided to fight against the UNSC and they also fought against the SoS. But this time the Covenant had a new goal and that was to find the Didact, which was the leader of the Forerunner Military. Which then would most likely result in them wiping out the whole human race and anyone who is unworthy of living.



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