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1. Call of Duty is one of the most famous franchise out there to this day.
2. Many people play the game just for the multyplayer which is when you can play online with people all around the world
3. however there is a single player mode that lets you play as a main character taht goes on missions and fight against MPC's.
4. There is also another game mode that allows you to play with friends or in the same room. you fight your way accros the rounds to survive against many hurds of zombies.

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1. There are different maps to pick from some maps only go to specific game modes.
2. For example there are many multiplayer maps for TDM and SND but for gunfight the maps a explitly small because it is only a 2v2 gamemode.
3. There are the larger maps for VIP and Fireteam. Fireteam is a massive map because there are 15 teams of 4 that try to deposit ukranium into a bomb and arm the bomb.
4. We cant forget about the biggest map Warzone were you can go in eather as a Solo, Duo, Trio, or even a Squad.

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1. This multiplayer game can be played with people from around the world
2. There are many different game modes to this one game
3. Such as Snd, TDM, Kill confirmed, Moshpit, and Free for all
4. SND is a game mode that is a 5v5 with a attaking side and a deffending side. The attakers need to plant a bomb at eather A or B. The deffenders goal is to stop the attakers from planting he bomb
5. TDM is a 10v10 or higher game mode were people try to kill the other team. ever Time someone dies they respawn and continue. Each kill is worth 1 point. It is first to 100 and whoever gets there first wins the match.

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