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Fortnite Battle Royale
  • On this website I am going to talk about Fortnite Battle Royale and some of the features in it.
  • Fortnite battle royale is a competitive video game, where there is 100 players fight on an island.
  • There are many attributes that fortnite has that other battle royale games don't, such as:
  1. The game changes their themes, maps, and more every season (which is around 10 weeks)
  2. The game has one single map, but yet they have changed it very frequently, multiple times in the recent seasons.
  3. Many types of weapons, some that even are added in just for a holiday event.
  4. Many skins(outfits), of many themes, and varieties, they have every thing, such as superheroes, to vikings.
  5. The game also has many other customizables other than skin, such as gliders, pickaxes, backpacks, and even skydiving contrails.

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