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Immersive and Extreme Games

- What Classifies as an Immersive and/or Extreme Game?

- Any game that intentionally makes the experience more realistic and challenging by a multitiude of factors, this inlcudes but is not limited to:

- Limited HUD/removal of HUD.

- Realistic or increased Difficulty level.

- Minimal or no tutorial.

- Minimal or no hints/babysitting.

- Potentially decreased generosity of RNG (random loot generator/random number generator).

- What Genre of Games does this Apply to? - Any Genre can be immersive and/or extreme, but typically FPS, RPG, Adventure and/or Horror are common candidates.
- What is Immersion? - Immersion is the feeling of being a part of the game you play, making you feel the characters emotions and actions, as well as the world around you.
- What is Extreme?

- An extreme game would be classified based on its difficulty, whether it is selected or by default.

- If the game is made to be excrutiatingly challenging or tense it can be considered an extreme game/difficulty.

- Why talk about these games?

- Immersively Extreme games are different to normal games, they are unfair, relentless and creates tension every time you play.

- These games give value to losing, thus making the toll of loss even more dreadful and scary.

- At the same time this changes the value of victory tenfold, and makes the games worthwhile and worthy of celebration.

- Even with the difficulty, the ability to master such games is something only the most dedicated of players can attain, which makes getting to that point an even greater achievment.

- Stories

- More often than not these games form their own story, some may even let you make your own, either way these games make finishing these stories even more blissful and enlightening.

- A game that makes you miss the characters and feel sad to let them go is a product of the connections you made along the journey, even in characters that are deemed as the enemy, you feel lucky to have known them for as long as you did.

- I will do my best not to reveal any major spoliers for any elements of the stories, in these summaries.

- Rating

- I will be rating the 4 games that I have chosen based on story, difficulty, immersion and overall enjoyment, then taking the average a giving it a final score.

- The 4 games I will be rating are Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Dead Space, Metro Exodus and Death Stranding, I have chosen these games based on my personal experience with them and their immersion and storylines, as well as the emotional impact of the characters.

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