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  • Welcome to a guide of super smash bros. for wii u and 3ds,As a super smash bros. fan i hope i can give you something youy can try (also a breif interruption from a project that i did.)

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Super smash Bros. by Nintendo
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  • here i will give you some tips of some characters,some thoughts of some newcomers and even thoughts if a new version of subspace emmisarry from brawl should come back.
October 20, 2017
copyright 2017
  • Note:i will not go over clone characters like Dark Pitt,Luicina,Dr.Mario,ETC. as they are just basically copies of Pitt,Marth,Mario,ETC.
  • Also this is for wii u and 3ds so don't expect Wolf,Snake or anyone else who isn't in the wii u and 3DS version.Anyways let's go.(also with so many characters i might have to have to limit pictures to make space and even with that i might miss a few so this isn't perfect but let's find out.)
  • Mario/Dr.Mario:They are simular so i'll do them both.Always fight but try to play smart and use that cape to turn the enemy around if a smash attack is being charged and if it is a down smash,jump.Also if you get a smash ball try to be as far away from your opponent as possible,you want the giant fireballs to get as big as possible so they don't get over it.The only diffrence is with Dr.Mario is he is heavier and doesn't have fludd and instead has a version of luigi's down special.
  • Pac-Man:Did you see that coming?He is a bit of a tricky one as i seem to have a hard time thinking of a good plan.but i think i have one,just be unpredictable and use the fire hydrant to keep foes back and when you use your final smash go for the enemy closest to you or you could waste it going for someone to far away.
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