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Welcome to Baseball.com!

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  • At Baseball.com, we believe hitting is a very important part of being a good baseball player.

  • We teach players that a quiet swing can produce solid contact and power.

  1. For more information about us, visit the about us page.

  2. For any copyright issues, we have our sources on the bottom of every page.

  3. Also, contact information is included on each page.

  • The other very important part to the game of baseball is pitching.

  • We teach proper pitching mechanics, and leave references on how to throw special pitches.

  1. Additionally,you can use this website to become a better infielder.

  2. In the infield tab, we have drills to greatly improve your defense.

Who are we?

This website is a reference website for baseball players of any age. We give tips on how to play baseball and dominate your league.



Mike Trout with a picture perfect swing

  • Also on this site, we give tips on how to train and proper nutrition.

  • Using this information, you can truly optimize your performance in games.

  1. Lastly, this site has drills to improve your play in the outfield.

  2. Use these to increase range, speed, and hand eye coordination.

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