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I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!!!
  • What is this site about?
  • This site is about how many different types of flavors there are in Ice cream.
  • And the history behind Ice cream and how it was originally made.
  • Also what are the ingredients in ice cream and how to make ice cream.
  • Whats my favorite thing about Ice cream and for those non lovers of Ice cream how can i make you love it?
  • So what is my favorite thing about ice cream you ask? I really love how cold and tastey ice cream is.
  • It is a sweet sensation and it is best to eat it in the summer time because of all the heat.
  • There is many flavors to chose from so you can find one you really like.
  • Why is Ice cream so delicious?
  • Ice cream is made from diary products like milk,cream and usually alot of different fruits.
  • So the people who like fruit could like ice cream to.
  • What can you learn from this site?
  • Just how yummy ice cream is and how you can have a love for it.


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