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  • Serving-
serving starts the game by one teamate in the serving position on the court getting the ball and walking to the black line on the court also where the the ball can be considered out. serving is the hardest skill to acomplish in volleyball.
  • Bumping-
Bumping is when the ball comes to your side and you need to bump it to one of your teamates so they can get it over the net. there is is maximum of 3 hits per side if you hit it more than 3 times the point goes to the other team.
  • Setting-
the setter is the player in the front middle his/her job is to set the ball 2nd call to a player on the left or right to spike the ball over to gain a point.
  • Blocking-
blocking takes place in the front row by the left, the right and also the setter when needed. you block the ball when it is at the very top of the net to keep it from comming to your teams side.
  • Spikeing-
spikeing the ball occurs after your setter has set the ball to you. your job being in the front row or the back is to hit the ball at anangle to make the ball travel over the net and pound the floor to gain the point for your team.

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