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Travis Pastrana
  • Travis Pastrana, the creator of Nitro Circus is a professional Freestyle Rider and was a professional Motocross / Supercross Racer.
  • Although he was known for many things in the Motocross community, he was mainly known for his excessive skill in freestyle.
  • Travis started riding from a very young age of around 4 years old and continues on until now.
Travis as a Kid
Crusty movie
  • Travis's legacy started from the movie, Crusty Demons of Dirt where Seth Enslow and other riders filmed themselves doing stupid things on bikes.
  • They met 11 year old Travis at a practice track and he joined them to make their movie in California.
  • This movie was like the beginning to freestyle and made people start trying things because Seth hit a huge jump and didn't die, making people think they wouldn't get hurt either.

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