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  • Intel has a processor line up that does better when it comes to gaming performence and sometimes the productivity part too.
  • AMD may not have the performence on Intel but it is only by 5% in most cases, they also have some advantages over Intel too
  • Intel offers incredible storage performance with their series of Intel Optanes, which are Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  • AMD is much cheaper in price and much better in price to performance than Intel.
  • The optanes reach great speeds and are quite affordable for the average consumer compared to other SSDs on the market. (Most SSDs are over $100-$200 but the optanes can be as inexpensive as $40.
  • AMD offers a Graphics Cards as well as their CPU line up, it is called Radeon graphics which counters the Nvidia team who create graphics cards as well.
  • Intel released the 8th generation of their 8086 models in October of 2017. This was a huge success but it was not as good as 6th or 7th generation releases.
  • AMD in March of 2017 came out with the Ryzen series that was just as good as the intel 7th gen. This was so much cheaper compared to Intels option.
  • Intel responded with their new 8th generation processors that had on the lowest model 4 cores and support for Hyperthreading!
  • AMD responded, on April 19, 2018, with the 2nd generation of processors for Ryzen which had convinced many to make the switch from team blue to team red.
  • Intel has been a very reputable company for years. They have great processors in store for the public to purchase.
  • The second generation was a dirct responce in order to beat Intel into


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