Welcome to the Greenhouse

When you enter our greenhouse, you'll be enveloped in the pleasant smell of almost 100 different flowers, herbs and vegetables, ranging from petunias to oregano to peppers.

The perfect gift for Mom

With Mother's Day on the rise, what better way is there to show your Mom how much you love and appreciate her than by getting her some beautiful flowers? Browse our large selection of flowers for that perfect present for Mother's Day.

A picture of the greenhouse

A picture of the greenhouse

By the students of Monty Tech

Many shops collaborated to prepare the greenhouse for this year's spring season. Masonry has prepared some stone items, Business Technology will be running all of the sales, and Information Technology created this website.

For the students of Monty Tech

All proceeds will help our school provide its students with an excellent vocational education that prepares them to be hard working members of the new generation.

A picture of Monty Tech

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