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  • Hello,Welcome to this site,Here we will talk about Kirby characters and All of Dark matter's forms to Celebrate Kirby Star allies release and the updates like Marx and Daroach.
  • We will also talk about my 5 favorite cuphead bosses.

Home=What do you think?

Lightwave=a bit about something for animation and my other schoolwork.

(!work in progress!)Chat room=Talk with people(!work in progress!)

note:music plays so if you can't hear it you are using internet explorer.

  • Dark matter=A list of Dark matter's forms and what Kirby games they were in.
  • Also the the debate of whether Dark mind is the mirror world Zero or Nightmare(from Kirby).

Also a story of the time me and my brother discovered that king dice has a glitch.

About me = Some stuff about me and what i do and like. Cuphead top 5=My favorite Cuphead bosses as well as some honorable mentions.

As a bit of extra we also have a bit about something called lightwave as well as a bit about me.



Kirby= A list of Kirby characters but trust me even if i shown you the list i made and the list of Dark matter's who i've made seperate because of its many forms would you be suprised that it could be considered only scratching the surface with Kirby.


King Dice glitch=The story of me and my brother vs King Dice from Cuphead.

King Dice


January 9, 2020

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