• This Website is mostly informational I do not own the rights to any of the characters or assets to the Game Super Smash Brothers 4 (SSB4) It is fully Created and owned by Nintendo More Specifically Hal Labrotories.
  • I Would Suggest if this is your first time hearing about the game you go to the Rules section of this page because there will be some terms you wont understand if you don't but if you have played the game before you will be fine. (I Hope)
  • The Characters Page Has 3 Different list of characters one for new characters one for the returning characters and another one for the DLC (Downloadable Content) characters it says their names the series they are from and a Brief summary of their Final Smash
  • The Bosses Page will explain who the bosses are where or how they are found and a picture of each
  • The Maps Page Will Talk about the different types of Maps That there are and Certain things that are placed in the stages There will also be a full List Of Stages
  • There Is A Quiz Under The Homepage Tab To See If You Can Guess All The Games The Songs Of This Website Are From

  • The Items Page will just describe the role of items in general and a few Iconic Items


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Sakurai You Psychopath you actually made another smash bros Happen Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Coming December 7th With every character to ever be in smash (And newcomers like inkling and ridley)

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