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  • This website was made to showcase my various games.
  • And some of my schoolwork.
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Gnarly Skills
  • Feel free the play the games on my website, these include, Gnarly Skills Dude, GSD Remastered, and Skate Life.
  • We have done a bit of work in a program named Lightwave.
  • My work in that is also shown on the Lightwave tab on the navigation bar at the top.
Skate Life































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  • On the left of some of the pages on the site you will find a chat box.
  • Here you can join a room and start communitcating with others on the site.
  • First click on "Enter Chat" in the chat box and a prompt will show up, here you can either register or enter as a guest.
  • Just enter your name or an alias and start chatting to other people.
  • The my work page shows all of my work divided between the four years of highschool.
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  • Here is a feedback form just on the left, please fill it out if you have the time.
  • Be honest with your answers.

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Phone - 978-345-9200

June 13, 2018

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