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About Me
My name is Trevor DelGiudice, and I am currently a Freshman in Monty Techs Information Tech class of 2020. In this shop we work on many projects and tests that improve our skills in many aspects, such as in website making/building, animation making, computer building, and much more. But mainly for our freshamn year we focused a lot on the animations aspect, along with a lot of test and even making our own website. Some more facts about me is that I really love hockey and playing video games, and my favorite movie and games would have to be the whole Star Wars saga, and the whole Halo game series. That is all I have for you at the moment but I do promise to add more in the future, have a nice day!


Update Log

3/8/17 - Finished up my Operator page, and worked on some other Pages.

5/14/17 - Rebranded my website to a different theme, made all new banners and all new pages and got a nice set up.

5/15/17 - Finished my Characters page for my website, possibly will add some more characters when I have the time.

5/16/17 - Finished up my weapons page, might be able to add more if they release more weapons to the series.


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