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A Little Bit About Me:

Hello, my name is Trevor Delgiudice and I am a 15 year old student in Monty Tech Informational Technology shop class, and this is going to be my website containing information on my favorite games, all the work that I have done so far in class and as much more as I can fit into it.


Rainbow Six Siege: A Basic Overview

In this next paragraph i will explain what the game Rainbow Six Siege for you to have a basic overview of what i will be talking about on the page dedicated about this topic. Rainbow Six Siege was released on December 1st, 2015 and became the next big hit game for Ubisoft, the game was multiplayer based and required a lot of strategy to actually play, running and gunning was usually not a good idea while playing this game mainly because of how it was made. I am going to add some clips of some people playing the game to actually show what it looks like and how the game is played correctly, when playing correctly and actually having some strategy involved you might actually like the game and have fun with it. It is a First Person Shooter multiplayer strategic game that is even popular even after 2 years of release. Here i'm going to post a few videos of some people who are really good at the game and who have a lot of skill, it will show you the intensity of how the game is played and how it actually looks kind of fun, Enjoy.








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