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Here is a link to a website if you are bored:

If you have epilepsy PLEASE don't click on the link above you will regret it FAST

especially if your in a dark room...

Welcome to my homepage of my website!!

Here you will explore different lifestyles about horses. You will also learn different facts about horses. It will also help younger students educate themselves about this unique animal. There is also information about myself and how you can contact me for more information. There are also some project I have done in school. There are resources too, to users that think this is a fake and not real information. I hope that my website will help users learn about horses. If there are any questions or conserns, please feel free to email me and I will try to get back to you ASAP. I would also like to know other opinions on how my website is and how you or I could make it better.


Hope you enjoy and learn things from my website...

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