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About the Website:

This website may contain spoilers if you have not watched the show, so please continue with caution.

This website will contain information on the hit television series 'The Walking Dead". It will be describing the characters, the types of weapons they use, the different sanctuaries they have been to and even some fun facts on the show!

It will also include my classwork that i have done throughout the year and will be on the "classwork projects" page.

There is also fun gifs from the show scattered across the website if you can find them!


What is the Walking Dead?



  • The Walking Dead is a TV show that aired on AMC in 2010. There have been nine seasons so far and it seems like it is going to continue. The show is about a former sheriff Rick Grimes who wakes up in an empty hospital after being in a coma for a few weeks. Rick then realizes the world as he knows it, is gone. The zombie epidemic has begun and the Walking Dead tells the story of the weeks, months and years that follow after the apocalypse has begun.

Robert KirkmanRobert Kirkman

  • The show was created by Robert Kirkman


What do the tabs mean?

The "Home" tab will bring you right back to this Home page.

The "Characters" tab will bring you to a list of all the main characters in the show and a brief explanation on their background.

SPOILER!! The "Deceased Characters" tab will bring you to a list of all the main characters that have died throughout the show.

The "Sanctuaries" tab will bring you to a list of all the sanctuaries that the group has come across over all the seasons so far.

The "Weapons" tab will bring you to a list of the weapons used by the survivors throughout the show and even some characters signature weapons.

The "Fun Facts" tab will just give you some facts about the show that you might not have known.

The "Classwork" tab will you bring you to the work I have done in class throughout my high school years at Monty Tech. It will consist of Lightwave, Flash and Fireworks projects. We also used Dreamweaver which was used to create this website!

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