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My Computer

Picutres and prices of my computer

Top 5

This is where you'll find the top 5 games in the yr 2k16 and their awards

Forums and updates

Click on the images for forums on that specific game


Things I found cool about overwatch and some facts

Dark Souls III

Facts on the game and some images

TitanFall 2

Some awesome sauce pictures of the game and guns

Battlefield 1

Old guns in the game and images of gameplay

Uncharted 4

facts on the main characters and pictures


In class work in ligthwaves programs


Flash and Fireworks is all classwork on those two programs


What I am certified for



Contact Me

Actual School Email: bg14438@montytech.net

Fake Number#- 1-800- 0101

Fake forum user-forum_user0101

Since last update/ May 10, 2017

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