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Welcome to my website!
Han and Chewy from episode 7 This site's topic is Star Wars. Here you can learn about the characters and planets from the movies. You can also check out my favorite Star Wars game, Battlefront. Alderaan exploding
SWF For our classwork in shop we use three software programs. In each program we create projects, those projects are here on the site. PICT
guardians of the galaxy
Some things about myself, my favorite movie is Guardians Of The Galaxy. My favorite comic is Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. On the about me page you can find more of my interests and hobbies. Watchmen
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I have a YouTube channel called Nerd Nation Films. On the channel I make movies based on DC and Marvel comics. I also make completely original movies as well. It has gaming videos on it too, I play Injustice 2, The Escapists, and soon many more. The Escapists Thumbnail
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We take a lot of certification tests in shop. You can find all the certificates I get on the site.
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