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CS:GO is a 5v5 competitive online game where the Terrorists side tries to push on to one of two bombsites and plant the bomb, then defend it long enough to blow it up, and the Counter-Terrorists try to defend the sites from the Terrorists and if necessary, retake the site and defuse the bomb. While it seems simple at first, the game is very complicated, with lots of inner workings and strategy to it. A wide variety of weapons, an array of grenades to use, spray patterns, map layouts, and communication make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive one of the most successful skill-based multiplayer games of all time.
This is a website based all around the competitive online game known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO for short! Here, you can learn all about the game Counter-Strike, from its long history, to how people play it in the present. This website was designed with competitive people in mind, so if you are a fan of competing, honing your skills and improving yourself, then welcome home.

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