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This website was created to promote my hobbies and ideas and share information about them. Here you can find plenty of information about video games and gaming content. I will provide you with plenty of information about my favorite games along with reviews, gameplay tips, and an overview of the gameplay. I have also included a few surveys on some of the topics. There is also interactive image slides and plenty of images.




Its not only games that I will post but I will also Include my classwork that I am working on in class. All classwork in my freshman year will be put into its own category, including Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks, and Lightwave animations. Most of the classwork is also included with a top of page button and a chapter layout for easy access to my work.



If you are unaware I am a PC gamer. I have been gaming on my PC for almost six years. Not only I play games but I am always working on my computer setup and is looking forward to expanding even more. I own a decent gaming pc and I am able to run most games, if not all games on ultra settings. I usually play FPS games but do sometimes play casual survival games like ARK and Minecraft. Some FPS games I play are Overwatch, Insurgency, and plenty more. I am very competitive with sports games such as Rocket League and very close to tournament play.

Rocket League


Rocket League being my most Favorite game is a soccer based game with rocket powered cars. As strange as it sounds it works together very well and there are plenty of competative leagues out there for the game. Not only soccer but they have also added hockey and basketball. Soccer still being the general gamemode they have also added multiple maps with different layouts giving a unique feel to each map. Some maps are the same and are just reskins but they look just as well.



Overwatch being a team based FPS its one of my favorite kind of games. Though the game introdces a completley new playstyle compared to all FPS I enjoy it very much. The game is related to TF2 but has alot character diversity each with specialized classes and backstory. The game feels like an MMO but in fps form. Ground and height based gameplay is also a key factor.



I don't normally play Minecraft as much as I used to. Minecraft has slowly become a meme rather than a game and is not too appealing to me. However I still do build for many servers and I am well know. I build specifically server Lobbies, Hubs, and FPS based maps wither for gun related servers or paintball.



Another great close quaters combat FPS gameis Insurgency. Insurgency is a very tactical visually appealing and requires good awareness skills. In this game players must complete the following objectives to win or eliminate the other team. The game also required lots of teamwork and this is definatley not a run and gun type game.



This website was created to show my classwork and premote my hobbies. Thankyou and be sure to fill out this Form, if you believe it can be improved.


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Website was made to promote my hobbies and Ideas and share information about them.

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