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This is my homepage, on my website I will inform you on consoles that were released by Sony (the best consoles), I will tell you what they are, some key features that they have, some featured games that you could play on them, and some more.

Here is a brief list of what you will see on my website:

Certifications - This page will show you all the certifications I have earned in Information technology.
PS1 - This page will tell you all about the Playstation 1, some facts and some featured games.
PS2 - This page will tell you about the Playstation 2, some facts, featured games, and other things.
PS3 - This page will inform you about the Playstation 3, it will have facts, featured games, and alot more.
PS4 - This page informs you on what the Playstation 4 is, why it is better than Xbox one, what some upgrades are, and some featured games.
PS VR - This page will contain information on the Playstation VR, what it is, how it works.
Handheld consoles - This page will show you what Sony's handheld consoles are and how they changed gaming.
School Work - These pages will show you all the projects I have completed throughout my years in Information Technology, this includes projects from Flash, Fireworks, and Lightwave, and other assignments given throughout my high school years.
About me - Here you will learn some things about me, my hobbies, and some funny videos.
My website will be about all of the Sony consoles that have been released. It will show you all the features of the console, images, graphic quality, and some facts about them. My website will also include projects I have worked on in Info Tech. and some facts about me, also a page of memes.
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All cell Phones off until the show is over...

Also there is an easter egg on each banner on every webpage except for the meme page.

Any questions or comments here is my contact info: kh13925@montytech.net

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