This website's purpose is to show whoever may go on it the weapons that were used during ancient times through early modern times. (Early modern times: 1800-1900)

This would include swords, axes , clubs, hammers, polearms, bows, crossbows, guns, siege weaponry, and extra/weapons that do not really fit into any of the catagories above.

*Notes at bottom of the page.*

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The weapons are organized in regions including the Americas (N,C,S), Europe, Africa, and Asia.

These regions are broken down into:


  • Britian
  • France
  • Germany


  • China
  • India
  • Japan

*Note: Not all regions mentioned use these weapon catagories, any weapons that do not fit into one of the weapon catagories go into the Extra section/, some pages will not have some weapon categories due to what they preffered to use in the army or for ceremony, and some pages will contain little content due to knowledge of the culture still not fully known by historians and little information for the website .*


* There is an Easter Egg on this page, find it if you have extra time or are just bored.*


*All pictures and infromation collected from Google Images and Wikipedia*


Last Updated : June 7, 2016

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