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My website is about me, my interests, what I like to do (etc.). My website includes the things we did/ made in class and what I do in my free time, video games, board games, exercise. My website also includes strategy for some strategy games,

tips for doing/ getting better at video games (or ranking up faster). It also includes some of my favorite things to do in video games like Border Patrol, Michael Myers, The Shrekkening. I've included some of the best things I've experienced in

games, the best things I've ever seen or just simply somewhat decent content people might justr read for some odd reason.

Also the page "Destiny" is a really long page. Probably the size of all my pages combined or longer, so this is a warning.

In the insanely large page of Destiny, there is an easter egg. Find the hotspot, click it and you will see.

(The hotspot is one pixel in the whole page.)

I also have some gifs that I enjoyed, most of them will be on "My Interests".

Assassin's Creed Movie

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