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Dark Souls is an action roleplaying game made by famed Japanese company FromSoftware. FromSoftware is known for the famous Souls series that they have created along with other games like the new BloodBorne on the PS4. The Souls games much like FromSoftware's other creations are masterful games full of amazing scenery and difficult enemies along with challenging bosses.

Dark Souls is no cakewalk of game for the developers made the game without and quest markers or guidelines. The only way to progress through the game is to master yourself in your combat style, remember enemy movements and attack patterns, which gave birth to the famous saying in Dark Souls "Git Gud".

This website will consist of the best Spells, and Equipment, as well as the most iconic Dark Souls characters.

Other then Dark Souls this website will have an About Me page which will contain information about my interests, a Certifications page which will contain any Certifications I receive in the future, along with Flash work I have created for class, along with various secrets.

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