When I first started playing Dark Souls, I was scared of being invaded. The point of my website is to provide some steps in order to prepare newer players for PvP, or even provide some new build ideas for experienced ones.

There are 2 parts to my website, the first part is actually about Dark Souls, the second is about what I have been doing in class, because this is a school project website. It demonstrates what I have been working on in class such as Flash, Lightwave, and Fireworks.

All Info was found or designed on the Dark Souls character planner Here, or the official Dark Souls Wiki Here.

Here, you can find a less reliable version of the first Wiki. (Not recommended)

The following are an assortment of websites whos code i had to modify, simulating what it would be like if I were hired by Habitat for Humanity to change their Web-site during my junior year of highschool (O stands for Optional): Lab1-3, Lab2-4, Lab3-4, Lab4-5, Lab5-3, OLab5-1, Lab6-3, Lab7-5, Lab8-4, OLab8-1, Lab9-6, OLab9-1, Lab10-1.