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Basic Overview

This website was built as a Freshman-Year Project in Monty Tech's Information Technology program. I have built this website, so you, as the consumer, can decide what kind of computer parts to get for a gaming computer, or any type of computer in general. I will also explain what each piece of hardware does, as well as how to install it, its best known manufacturers, and those manufacturer's pros and cons with their products. On this website I will also be showing off some of my projects I have made in Lightwave and Adobe Flash. I will also show my certifications I have obtained over the years.

Please note that this website is not a store. It is a way of giving people information about computer hardware. If you need to buy computer hardware, than this isn't the site for you. But a good site that I personally always use is Newegg or Tiger Direct. You may also be able to use the manufacturers website (Such as Intel, or AMD) to buy OEM parts and after-market parts.

Gaming Computers

A gaming computer is a computer that is strictly used for gaming and/or recording. A gaming computer tends to be more powerful than a normal PC, and in most cases, custom built. While you could buy a pre-built gaming computer, like an Alienware, they are usually junk compared to a custom built gaming computer. Custom Gaming PCs not only provide the builder the basic knowledge of how a PC works, but also the knowledge of how to fix it when it breaks, and what each piece of hardware does to make that PC work. Custom built gaming PCs are also good compared to pre built ones because you have alot more flexibility to the parts you put into the system. Instead of being stuck with what the manufacturer wants to put in the PC, you get to chose all your own parts for the computer, truly making it 'yours'.

Basic Concerns

Alot of people may want a full blown gaming PC, but don't know where to start. They may be afraid that once they get it, they may build it incorrectly, or may be so uncomfortable that they don't want to even open the boxes. Many people, even experienced PC builders don't really know when something is going to go wrong, or if it will. So, if you are one of those people who just want the PC, you could just send it out to a local computer repair store and they will build it for you.