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What is animation, and what is needed to become an animator.

At first glance animating may seem very difficult, you might feel stressed at first with high expectations of being able to animate a movie like Pixar right away. However animation is actually easier then one might think and only requires that you relax, don't expect to much of yourself at first, and obviously have the right tools for the job. On this page I will go over the basic tools you will need and the basics of animating in any software. Once you have read through this page I suggest going to the navigation bar at the top and checking out some of the programs that you can use to animate and model, so that you can chose the right one for you.

The Keys to Animation

• A good solid computer, one with enough power to run the software, I recommend having one with over the minimum requirements.

• 3D software of your choice

• A good understanding of how your tools work.

• Imagination, which is your most important tool, cause it allows you come up with your idea that you create.