Welcome to my website were the main topic is music and the diffrent kinds and times of music and how they are differnt but also great.

Also you will learn the diffrent types of music and how threy came to be.

You will learn about many artists and hwo they became so popular and how they areou will learn the history of music and also get to lisen to today. If you dont care about any of this there is a page just to lisen to music and whach

music videos. These are websites i had to modify for homwork Lab 1-3 , Lab_2-4 , Lab 3-4 , Lab 4-5 ,Lab 5-3 , Lab 5-3Op , Lab 6-3 , Lab 8-4 , Lab 9-6.


My Top Ten Bands:


2. Led Zeppelin

3.The Doors

4.Black Sabbath

5.The Who

6.Pink Floyd

7.Jimi Hendrix

8. The Beatles

9. AC/DC

10. Alice in Chains





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